Birkman Coaching


Heighten Self Awareness, Heighten Success.

Ask Probing Questions to Elevate Performance

It is always easier to achieve a goal when you believe you can do it. For professional coaches, one of the key ways to increase self confidence is by improving an individual’s self awareness – becoming better
attuned to who they are, to their strengths, as well as their potential oversights.

The Birkman Method behavioral
assessment is a powerful way to dive into thought provoking
questions and have engaging, meaningful conversations. With
Birkman, coaches can challenge clients to expand in their roles and sharpen their emotional intelligence.

Take an Objective Approach to Subjective Matters

Birkman gives coaches an insightful tool to talk about self awareness in an objective way, as opposed to subjective methods that may not  resonate with all individuals. Understanding oneself in a social context opens discussions in an unbiased, factual manner, resulting in constructive conversations that drive change.

By using Birkman, the client is able to focus more on who they are based on validated data instead of only the coach's opinion and perspective. This frees the coach to focus on providing guidance.

Enhance your Coaching Sessions with Birkman Data

The Birkman Method is a  distinctive behavioral assessment that reaches into the depths of personality by measuring nine unique behavioral Components. Through memorable Birkman data  visualization, individuals are able to learn about themselves in a positive, non-judgmental way.

The statistically-driven, pertinent, and intuitive Birkman reports give coaches and their clients a deep understanding of personality for coaching that makes a profound impact.


Through powerful insights, The Birkman Method
facilitates deeper and more personal
coaching sessions.




Birkman Enhances the Coaching Process

Birkman is a valuable tool for professional coaches to better understand their clients, and in turn, for clients to better understand themselves.

Birkman provides insights for coaches and their clients to:

• Become aware of potential weaknesses and take action on blind spots
• Engage in deeper discussions for creating measurable progress
• Better enhance natural strengths and abilities
• Learn how to stay motivated towards goals

About The Birkman Method

With more than 65 years of proven reliability and validity, The Birkman Method is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment that combines both behavioral and occupational data. Birkman allows people to better understand themselves and others — both in and out of the workplace.

Birkman Signature Suite is a Birkman certified product that includes 40+ reports to use for growth and development. The advanced reports provide in-depth analysis and insights into personality for better leaders, teams, and careers, all with just one assessment.

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