Birkman Mindset Report


Your Mindset Creates Your Reality

Behind every personality and behavioral style is a deeply rooted set of attitudes and perspectives that impact everything we do – mindset.
Combined, these attitudes and perspectives shape how we view ourselves, how we see the people around us, and our understanding of how we compare to society at large.

Birkman Mindset

Understanding our mindset helps us understand:

  •  What drives the behaviors we exhibit and the outward personality that others experience

  • How we judge our experiences in a social context

  • The ways we process information to make decisions

Mindset impacts results

In other words, for each person, mindset creates our own personalized version of reality. When we understand this, we start to realize that our own perspectives and the perspectives of others have the power to make or break success in an organizational setting. Experience and training are important to the workplace, but individual mindsets can block or unblock the path forward in a technologically driven marketplace facing uncertainty, volatility, and ongoing disruption.

Insights through Birkman Perspectives Scales

Through the Perspectives Scales, we provide data and insights on the strengths of our mindset, the challenges of our mindset, and how others may perceive our view.
By working with this data, we can learn new ways of thinking, and confront the pros and cons our mindset adds situationally. These Scales include:


The extent to which you see variation in your attitude, mindset, and behavior from others.

Why this matters: The higher your score, the more you are naturally aware of a broad range of attitudes in yourself and others.


The extent to which you present yourself in a traditional way.

Why this matters: The higher your score, the more likely it is that others see you as displaying a conventional style.

Social Acuity

The extent to which you have realistic expectations of other peoples’ behaviors and attitudes.

Why this matters: The higher your score, the more likely you are to accurately interpret social situations. 

Image Management

The extent to which you devote energy to managing and maintaining a favorable public image. 

Why this matters: The higher your score, the more you work toward ensuring other people see you in a socially acceptable way. 

Strategic mindset coaching

The Birkman Mindset Report helps train individuals to become much more aware of our own filtered reality.
The executive and leadership coaching experience that this report offers allows us to:

  • Increase awareness of where other, common perspectives don’t align with our personal mindset

  • Begin to understand the possibility of others’ perspectives

  • Open and challenge our minds to see value in and leverage the differences in mindset among people

Birkman Mindset Report – Info Download

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